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*Please note that due to the current Coronavirus - Covid 19 national emergency all training is currently 'on hold' - please continue to follow 'news' on this page for further information and an updated CPD Timetable will be included at the end of this page...................................Thank you



Information on all CPD/training is found on this page.   A table below shows the titles of courses and their target audience as well as who they are being offered to (i.e. G10 Learning Network schools, SLLN schools, SLD schools/Other).  

Under 'Course Description and Dates' there is a link to the full training programme details (always use the back arrow button to return to the CPD page) - if you require more information please contact the administrator Andrea Dearden -


Bespoke Training and Training delivered by other Partners

September 2019/2020 Updates


Palmerston School Direct Training Sessions

A series of training days for 2019/2020 are coming soon....................... some sessions will have 10 places for NQTs to attend (charged at £50 per person or free to schools offering ITT student placements)


i2i Teaching School (OLBE) Mastery Maths Training and Support Programme

A new 2019/2020 programme for Mastery Maths (Maths No Problem) can be viewed here - Mastery Maths (Maths No Problem) Training & Support 2019/2020

Please sign up to sessions by using the CPD booking form below - Thank you.



Course Registration - please register by completing all fields within the CPD registration form below.   Once completed click the 'Submit' Button at the bottom of the form.    The registration details are then sent automatically by email to Andrea Dearden who will be able to confirm your place on the course.

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION - please note that once registered onto the course and ticking 'Yes' to the course costs then an invoice will be raised and sent to your school.    



 Please follow the instructions to book any places either direct to the contact person as the course content requires or by using the form at the bottom of the page to submit a request for places via the Learning Network Office  - completing all fields in the registration form and clicking the 'SUBMIT' button will automatically send an email to Andrea.   Places will then be confirmed by email and any costs will be charged directly against each individual course on the basis of your registration form.


 *Please note that due to the current Coronavirus -Covid 19 national emergency, all CPD is on hold from 23rd March 2020 - Please continue to check this space for further developments and an updated CPD timetable will be included below in time.      Emails will also be circulated to update everyone on future training.


*Read to Write - next and final session was due to take place on 28th April 2020 - further information to follow on how this final session will be 'delivered' later in the year


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