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All teachers, including new teachers coming into the profession, need to be well trained.   New teachers in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stages 1 and 2 must know how to teach early language skills, reading and writing effectively.   The survey entitled 'From training to teaching early language and literacy' (November 2012) sets out to evaluate how well new teachers are trained to teach language and literacy, including phonics in primary schools.   Inspectors followed 50 trainee teachers from their final training placement to the first and second terms of their first teaching posts.   44 of these trainees from 10 different initial teacher education providers took part from the start to the end of the survey. The report summary can be found here.


Additional information includes:-

Professional development materials can be found here for Primary Schools

English professional development materials for Secondary Schools can be found here  and their accompanying notes here

September 2013 Reports

New tests show that 1 in 4 aged 11 pupils are struggling with spelling, punctuation and grammar.   The new SPAG test, introduced in 2013, for Year 6 pupils encourages schools to focus on the basics.    British businesses say "written communication has never been more important".   Read the DfE report below with statistics for 2012 results.

Secondary Schools

September 2013 - New Osted Reports include Improving Literacy in Secondary Schools - full report can be found here and the report summary here.